Saturday, April 15, 2006

Oriana Fallaci Has Enrolled in the Society of Jesus!
What an intelligent left would look like. Kudos to Norm. Unfortunately, he and his buddies are nowhere near being representative. Ed has the best take today on what drivel the left has actually devolved to...

Prelude To The Promised Innumeracy Update

"In the last six months, the U.S. Army is seeing 15 percent more soldiers re-enlist than expected. This continues a trend that began in 2001. Every year since then, the rate at which existing soldiers have re-enlisted has increased. This despite the fact that 69 percent of the troops killed in Iraq have been from the army. New recruits continue to exceed join up at higher rates as well.

All this is extremely important, especially when there is a war going on. Experience saves lives in combat, and more of the most experienced troops are staying in. This means that, a decade from now, the army will have a large and experienced corps of senior NCOs. That, in turn, means the younger troops are likely to well trained and led.

The army makes a big thing, internally, about the number of troops re-enlisting, especially within combat units that are in Iraq or Afghanistan. Pictures of mass re-enlistments are published in military media, but the civilian media has generally ignored this phenomena. Also ignored, except by some local media interviewing locals who are in the army, is the positive attitude of the troops, especially those in combat units. The large number of re-enlistments occur because the troops believe they are making a difference, and winning. This is especially true for soldiers who have come back to Iraq on a second tour, and noted the improvements since the first tour. "
A Pope with courage and moral fortitude.

Russia -- The Idiot Stepchild of Europe

"Stalin was shocked, shocked! when Hitler invaded Russia. Putin will be shocked, shocked! when the Mad Malluahs no longer find them uselful and one of the Russian supplied nuclear missiles are zooming into Russian airspace. "

Friday, April 14, 2006

GODWIN'S LAW OBSOLETED: "So where do we go when discussing him? Some other comparison or end point like Satan?"
RUSSIA AGAIN: "I wonder how much help they'll be with Iran?"

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"How can they possibly think that?"
The wages of retreat: "We fight them there, or they fight us here."
Sidenote: "It is worth remembering that there were giants in those days."
IRAN: "... days instead of months."
"The truth may set you free, but first you must have truth."
TODAY'S BUTTON: "Some People Are Married To Norwegians And Still Go On To Lead Normal Lives"
Steyn again: "A quarter-century ago, there was a minor British pop hit called “Ayatollah, Don’t Khomeini Closer.” If you’re a U.S. diplomat or a British novelist, a Croat Christian or an Argentine Jew, he’s already come way too close. How much closer do you want him to get?" READ. IT. ALL.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Captain And Me: Peas In A Pod

The Captain wonders why his little ditty closing the case on Saddam = terrorism doesn't seem to fit the MSM story line and get picked up. Kind of like I wonder why this little mathematical exercise of mine doesn't. I'll give him credit that his fish is bigger -- if the Lefties were interested in rational analysis rather than 24/7 emoting. Then again, I think I face a similar problem.

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"But since Kerry raised it, let me ask: What hadith of the Prophet influenced him the most, and why? And here I have a personal interest: Which of the injunctions of Leviticus and who among the Prophets have the most meaning for him? Ordinarily, of course, I wouldn't ask such personal questions of a politician. In the spirit of Jesus, Kerry will certainly forgive me for doing so." (HT Power Line)