Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Sunnis Object

Charles Krauthammer celebrated this historical pact today at
the Washington
The barbarism in Mumbai and the economic crisis at home have largely
overshadowed an otherwise singular event: the ratification of military and
strategic cooperation agreements between Iraq and the United States.

They must not pass unnoted. They were certainly noted by Iran, which
fought fiercely to undermine the agreements.
For the United States, this represents the single most important
geopolitical advance in the region since Henry Kissinger turned Egypt from a
Soviet client into an American ally.
The only significant opposition bloc was the Sadrists, a mere 30 seats out of
275. The ostensibly pro-Iranian religious Shiite parties resisted Tehran's
pressure and championed the agreement. As did the Kurds. The Sunnis put
up the greatest fight. But their concern was that America would be withdrawing
too soon,
leaving them subject to overbearing and perhaps even vengeful
Shiite dominance.
To what Obambi will almost certainly do next.


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Now, with the federal government deep in debt, unwilling to address an entitlement disaster, and throwing hundreds of billions of dollars at private enterprises in a vain attempt to rescue them from their own bad management and labor practices, Obama wants to create a new WPA to renew American infrastructure not because it’s needed as much as Obama needs to ensure his re-election.

None of this comes as a great shock, though.  While Obama has given some indications that he doesn’t intend a massive shift to the Left on defense and foreign policy, his economic plans have always favored statism, class warfare, and a striking ignorance of history and reality.  Recreating the WPA and proposing even more massive spending programs in the face of our precarious financial condition and debt load finds its equivalent only perhaps in the apocryphal fiddling of Nero while Rome burned.

Monday, December 01, 2008

OZero OAccountability

Yid With Lid reported that Susan Rice is one those responsible for letting Osama Bin Laden get away in the 1990's.
Susan Rice in Sudan. Rice bungled a deal with Sudan to capture terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden. (Sudan Net)

On Monday, Barack Obama is expected to announce that he has chosen the same Susan Rice as his UN Ambassador and that the position will be elevated to a Cabinet Level job.
Here's more on the country's next UN Ambassador:

She deserves a hefty portion of blame for the fact that Osama bin Laden wasn't neutralized during the 1990s.

"The FBI, in 1996 and 1997, had their efforts to look at terrorism data and deal with the bin Laden issue overruled every single time by the State Department, by Susan Rice and her cronies, who were hell-bent on destroying the Sudan," one-time Clinton diplomatic troubleshooter Mansoor Ijaz told radio host Sean Hannity in 2002.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Submission In Mumbai

Corroborating the doctors' claims about torture was the information that the Intelligence Bureau had about the terror plan. "During his interrogation, Ajmal Kamal said they were specifically asked to target the foreigners, especially the Israelis," an IB source said.

Phillips comments:

The atrocities demonstrated with crystal clarity what the Islamist war is all about - and the western commentariat didn't understand because it simply refuses to acknowledge, even now, what that war actually is. It does not arise from particular grievances. It is not rooted in "despair" over Palestine. It is not a reaction to the war in Iraq. It is a war waged in the name of Islam against America, Britain, Hindus, Jews and all who refuse to submit to Islamic conquest.