Thursday, May 27, 2010


Flynn introduces his comments with the observation that Bank of America is SEIU's largest creditor: "Under the leadership of Andy Stern, SEIU leveraged itself to the hilt, largely to support Democrat campaign efforts, and now owes the bank around $100 million. The loan payments are likely playing havoc with the union's finances."

Flynn concludes with an explanation of the inherent interest of this story: "it is the small story that illuminates the overall narrative. Let's dispense with all the semantics and timelines and legalese. Last week, 500 union thugs descended on a private home and terrorized a teenage boy. They violated someone's most personal space, their home. And they attacked their most precious gift, their child. The police in two jurisdictions knew about this. They did nothing."

In the words of the song, something's happening here. I'm not exactly clear on what it is, but I am clear that this is a story deserving our serious attention.