Monday, June 21, 2010

Surrender Moi

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Some residents of Paris wanted to have a little cocktail party last Friday with wine, cheese, and sausage. But, the Muslims... whom we are told are not at all in control of Europe's urban areas, but are just a loyal tile in the beautiful multicultural mosaic that is 21st Century Eurotopia... threatened violence because it was their "holy day," and sausage and wine offend their religious dietary proscriptions. The Police sided with the Muslims, and shut down the party before it even happened.

Later, a minor seismological disturbance was recorded as Charles Martel started spinning in his grave.

The Charles Johnson "I See a Nazi Behind Every Bush" crowd is claiming that the group throwing the party were just Euro-Fascists who deserved to have their party shut down. But if the authorities can shut down a cocktail party they deem hateful, what's to stop them from shutting down a blog they also deem hateful?