Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stuck - NEWSPAPER COLUMNS: "Then suddenly, he tanked. Australians at large began to grasp the relationship between his pie-in-the-sky carbon schemes, punitive mining industry taxation, etc. -- and economic doom. It became clear that, under his leadership, Labour would be annihilated.

In June, he went down. One morning he was prime minister, but the next, his deputy, Julia Gillard, had replaced him, with a promise that the party would now steer towards the grey in the ideological spectrum.

This is where the analogy with U.S. politics stops, for, under Australia's Westminster model, it actually is possible for a party caucus to dump a prime minister who has made a hash of everything. Under the U.S. system, Democrats who now realize that Barack Obama was the worst thing to hit them since Jimmy Carter are stuck with him for years to come. Nor is it possible to impeach a U.S. president for mere incompetence.

What the Democrats can do, and are doing, is run against their own president. With the prospect of annihilation approaching in mid-term elections this year, and ever more formerly safe Democrat seats in contest, those at greatest risk are making the biggest distance."
There's even a Democrat running as an "independent conservative" who voted with botox Nancy 96% of the time! You can fool all O the people all O the time!