Thursday, June 30, 2011

Their Families Would Like To Know

Why Clintons kept mum about KSM plot: "In a chapter titled 'The Almost War, 1996,' Clarke takes credit for discovering the spontaneously exploding fuel tank theory that the White House ultimately embraced as the cause of TWA Flight 800's destruction.

If the fuel tank theory made any sense at all, Team Clinton would have been boasting about how they avoided 'an almost war' through patient restraint. Their silence is telling.

Even Clarke remained silent about KSM's flying bomb plot. He did not tell Condoleezza Rice word one about it when she took over as national security adviser in January 2001.

When the 9/11 Commission addressed this oversight, Clarke asked that he and his colleagues 'be forgiven for not thinking about [the plot] given the fact that they hadn't seen a lot in the five or six years intervening about it.'

The 15th anniversary of the disaster two weeks hence presents the media one more chance to ask the Clinton cabal a simple question: Did you stop talking about aviation terror to keep TWA Flight 800 out of the conversation?

At least 3,000 families would like to know."