Thursday, December 24, 2009

Piece O Sh-t Update

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Jimmy Carter, the worst president and ex-president of the 20th Century, has made a post-presidential career of bashing Israel and sucking up to the Palestinians (and other brutal dictators like Kim Jong-Il, Baby Assad, Robert Mugabe {whom he helped gain power} Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro) has suddenly found it necessary to apologize to any Jews he may have offended by blaming every problem in the world on the existence of Israel.

The letter comes weeks after his grandson, Jason Carter, said he would run for a Georgia state Senate seat being vacated by President Barack Obama's nominee to be U.S. ambassador to Singapore. Jason Carter, who is running in a district with a vocal Jewish population, said in a statement that his grandfather's letter was unrelated to his campaign and hailed the apology as a "great step towards reconciliation."

Jimmy Carter is every bit the opportunistic piece of sh-t we always thought he was.