Saturday, July 24, 2010


Signs accumulate that the President is becoming political kryptonite for Democrat candidates.

August 9th huh? Let me check my calendar. Oh darn the luck Mr. President, I'm going to be making a campaign stop at the Johnson County Fair. My schedule is really packed right now, but maybe we can do lunch in...say...mid November.

There is something funny going on in Texas. Only last year Bill White paid for an ad featuring a picture of himself and Barack Obama trumpeting the slogan "The Dream, The Hope, The Change." This year the Democrat candidate for governor is looking to distance himself from an increasingly unpopular president.

The Dallas Morning News quotes White who said "I was in the oil and gas business when he was a community organizer." The gubernatorial hopeful added.

"There are some people, including me, who believe that the president is spending a lot more money than we're taking in, is spending too much money in Washington," White said in an interview.