Sunday, July 18, 2010

They Forgot

The Freedom Party of Geert Wilders takes this post-modern notion of freedom more or less for granted. It is hardly a Christian political force.
Worse (for them), it creates a yet-to-be-acknowledged breach in the alliance-of-convenience between radical Muslims, and radical Secularists. For anyone with a view into a university campus will have noticed that the two ideological forces converge into one, for the purpose of attacking their common "Judeo-Christian" enemy.

The idea that Wilders must be silenced, as an "Islamophobe" -- and he is most certainly that, and proud of it -- wonderfully exposes the hypocrisy on the Left. A little more deeply, it wonderfully exposes the flaw in the whole project of the Enlightenment, which has come to a pretty pass in our post-modern era. For while the earliest "liberal" thinkers fully realized "toleration" could never be extended to the intolerant, the children of their children forgot.