Sunday, August 15, 2010

COTD: Fiery Rains

Belmont Club � If I had a Hammer: "24. Walt

Blameless lives and silver planes
Buildings down in fiery rains
Muslims cheering in the streets
Glorying in Muslim feats
Now a mosque they wish to build
Near the site the bodies filled
Smiling slyly as they claim
We are not the ones to blame
Gentle lefties take the hands
Of the killers whose demands
Lefty leaders bow to grant
Sneering at the people’s chant
That to build there’s a disgrace
And are told to mind their place
We have news for those who would
Build a mosque where once there stood
Buildings filled with kin and friends
Whose killers now Barack defends
Build your mosque in New York town
Don’t be surprised when it comes down
Along with all the Muslim dreck
Who think they have the right to wreck
The lives and dreams of other men
The 52s will show them when
We’ve had enough of killer’s ways
The end is coming, count the days

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