Sunday, August 15, 2010

Useful Idiots

Ace of Spades HQ: "Really good. Part 1 about Stalin (and they take the bark off the NYT and Walter Duranty), Part 2 about useful idiots about the Iranian Revolution and other horrors.

This is hard hitting stuff -- the BBC is state owned and yet they produce this.

Compare to the American media -- not paid by the government, but owned even harder.

BTW, contains the quote 'something so stupid only an intellectual could believe it.'

(Oh, this is how tough this is on leftist apologist intellectuals: FoxNews wouldn't air this because it seems too bating and would get them too much criticism. For example, here's a lurid fact the documentary notes: Walter Duranty wrote the 'poetry' for Allistair Crowley's psycho-sexual Satanic rituals and often was bound in chains and had crosses carved in his chest. Another historian notes, flatly, the Soviet archives say he was being blackmailed over 'sexual misdemeanors' of unknown types.

It's really like, Whoa. This dude is hard-core!

Oh, and he lays Stalin's victims pretty much at the useful idiots' feet and refuses to make excuses for them.)"