Saturday, November 07, 2009

Chairman Zero's Nemesis

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The American public has no say in Federal Reserve policy.

But the gold market might.

The metal hit yet another record high on Friday, gaining $6.40 to $1,095.10 an ounce. It jumped $55 for the week and is up $211, or 24%, year to date.

This cannot be comforting to Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke. The classic view of gold is that it is the best inflation hedge. That's a faulty assumption, but still: Given the record sums the Fed has pumped into the financial system -- and the fear that that money mountain could eventually power a surge in inflation -- Bernanke doesn't need rising gold prices reinforcing investors' doubts.

Coincidentally, gold's latest rally occurred as Fed policymakers met this week to affirm that they expected to hold short-term interest rates near zero for an "extended period."