Saturday, November 07, 2009

Muslims 13, Non-Muslims 0

Per the NY Times, Obama sidled up to the fact that the Fort Hood shooter was a Muslim shouting "Allahu Akbar" in his radio address:

WASHINGTON — President Obama, extending condolences to the community at Fort Hood,
Texas, reminded Americans on Saturday that people of “every race, faith
and station” serve in the military — an oblique attempt to prevent a
backlash against Muslims in the wake of Thursday’s shootings by an Army psychiatrist.

From a
ghastly act to a Saudi-backed fundamentalist imam to a Saudi-run
designated terror-financing "charity" is not a long trail. It is a
small coil of associations that exists in too many US mosques. American
Muslims must drive these elements out of their community. The problem's
not traumatic stress, much less Islam. It's the ideology, the money and
the interests of the Saudi hardliners.

This sort of thing would only be relevant if Hasan had been to a tea party or had once phoned in to Rush Limbaugh.