Thursday, November 05, 2009

COTD: Societal Sprirochetes

These societal spirochetes constantly revise their autobiographies to conceal the truth and beat the system, so it is any surprise that they claim our Constitution to be 'a living document' in need of revision?

Uncanny 'coincidences' always swirl about them. When they meet resistance, the resister becomes conveniently deceased.
And what about that strange death, ruled a homicide, of the inconvenient choir director in chicago?

Mere 'coincidences' sez the marxstream media to its audience of New Age Serfs who happily believe it as they sit, strapped safely to their couches, drooling self-contentedly, munching down Gut-Bomb Brand (r) Pie-Hole Stuffer Pasty-Snakkz, while watching Who Wants to Be A Billionaire Imbecile?

But those who understand communism, such as the Cuban Exiles, summarize matters by means of a timeless adage:

"A coincidence is a coincidence. Two? A pattern. Three? Conspiracy."