Saturday, January 09, 2010


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2.25 million is a large number when one considers that the most recent SAAR came out at 11 million and change. Not only has the government goosed up auto sales with direct subsidies in the form of Cash For Clunkers, but has additionally provided a majority of the marginal financing that would not have been there otherwise for incremental car purchases in 2009.

However, stimuli, zero cost financings, AIG bailouts, record Wall Street profits, and other boons courtesy of Uncle Sam and US taxpayers will only continue for so long before the current administration is booted out as voters realize they have been had and all the current stability is at the expense of tens of trillions of new debt on the back end. When said booting occurs, watch as the floor falls out of the economy, and as the PPT becomes just a little troubled with containing the stock market together.