Thursday, January 07, 2010

Weak Horse

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Hard to believe that's possible since it was looking so bad and yet...

US intelligence officials believe that the suicide bomb attack that killed seven CIA officers in Afghanistan last month was planned with the help of Osama bin Laden’s close allies, raising fears that the al-Qaeda leader is enjoying a lethal resurgence.

One of the dead was the CIA’s chief at the base, a woman in her mid-thirties.

“Several of the [dead] were ... among the top five experts on al- Qaeda in the United States,” Mr Scheuer said. “When you lose that type of expertise, it’s very hard to replace it; impossible in the near term.”

Aside from killing some of the CIA's most experienced and knowledgeable officers the attack also benefited al Qaeda in other ways.

First, whether or not bin Laden is alive or not, the fact he and his top people are being credited with this hit adds luster to his myth and maybe the reality. In the strong/horse weak horse race, this is a boost for the bin Laden 'brand'.