Thursday, January 07, 2010

Just Wow

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So you’d need come “articulable facts” which could “reasonably warrant a determination” that the guy  may be a terrorist based on his behavior.

Well let’s see.

  1. His dad, a former minister in Nigeria, informed the US embassy there that his son had been radicalized (the dad obviously had a reason for concern).

  2. US intelligence had been following him for a while, dubbing him “the Nigerian” (one assumes there was a reason).

  3. He was on a watch list (one assumes there was a reason).

  4. He had been banned from Britain (yup, one assumes there was a reason).

  5. The British intelligence service had identified him to our intelligence agencies in 2008 as a potential threat (sigh, uh, yeah, reason).

  6. He’d just visited Yemen, an al Qaeda hotbed (given the first 5, one can reasonably guess at the reason).

  7. He bought a one-way ticket to the United States in Africa through Europe (red flag 1).

  8. He paid cash (red flag 2).

  9. He checked no luggage (red flag 3).

  10. Just wow.