Saturday, August 07, 2010

COTD: Drill Baby, Drill

Nature Spills More Oil Than Man — By Far — "It should also be noted that a population of sea otters have recently, last several years, tried to reestablish itself off Coal Oil Point, where there are very dense kelp beds. The otters were eradicated some time ago to protect the sea urchin and abalone fishery. Point being, that in an area with massive amounts of oil seeping into the water daily, the otters still chose to live here rather than any other place on the coast. And on top of that, commercial fisherman place their lobster traps off Coal Oil Point every October when the season begins. Oil can kill, yes, but it is not as toxic as the agro-environmentalists would have you think. Funnily enough, there was a study done that showed that increased pumping at Platform Holly, which is just offshore from Coal Oil Point, actually reduced the amount of natural seepage. In others words, more drilling actually lessened the amount of oil in the water."