Saturday, August 07, 2010

Even The NYeT Has Noticed

Power Line - Two Americas: The Reality: "Earlier tonight I noted with some derision the 'two Americas' of John Edwards' myth. However, as we have noted before, there are indeed two Americas: the fault line just doesn't lie where Edwards and other liberals place it. Rather, the key dividing line in American politics is between a strapped private sector and a flush, overflowing-with-cash public sector. Intuitively, it is odd: one might have assumed that those who pay the bills would look out for their own needs over the interests of those whom they employ. But this hasn't happened. A large majority of voters have been asleep at the switch, and public employees have been awarding themselves constantly-increasing salaries and pension benefits. Those benefits have now swelled to the point where there is no possibility that taxpayers can fund them.

The situation has gotten so dire that even the New York Times has noticed."
And note the focus on Kolorado (which is rapidly becoming Kaaleeforneeuh).