Friday, August 06, 2010

The Local NYeT

Faster, Please! � Iran and the Plot to Blow Up JFK Airport: "You may recall that back in 2007, some arrests were made in New York City in connection with a terrorist plan to blow up fuel tanks at Kennedy Airport. Now, three years later, the trial is on, and you can read about it – indeed you must read about it — in the — get this! — local news section of the New York Times. It is indeed quite a story, and it is written by one A.G. Sulzberger, a surname that undoubtedly gets due respect at the Times.� But it’s tucked away under local news instead of appearing on the front page, for reasons best left to the editors (although I have a pretty good guess about the main reason).

According to the story, one of the accused, a former official in Guyana by the name of Abdul Kadir, was wired to the government of Iran.� After first denying that he had been in touch with Iranian officials in Venezuela, Kadir admitted the contacts. Indeed, he was arrested in Trinidad three years ago while en route to Iran via Caracas."