Sunday, May 16, 2010

COTD: (Bad Language Alert)

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Actually in 1977 Frank Church and Jimmy Carter got together with the result of EO 12036 which brought to an end the Hunter-Killer anti-terrorist teams formed shortly after the 1972 Olympics and then the appointment of Stansfield Turner which gutted our HumInt capabilities. The military concluded that sending those teams after specific targets (those whose names we knew) fit the new definition of assassination and thus were no longer allowed. At that time I was an M-21 operator out of Bad Toltz and decided ot to re-enlist. I was not suprised when I walked out of a hastily canceled Zurich Insurance seminar in the Atlanta Marriott  to see the view of the burning twin towers on every TV screen in the  lobby and concourse. I drove home cursing the peanut farmer, the techno-admiral and that grandstanding fat fuck from Idaho.