Saturday, May 22, 2010

Du'O, CP Edition

Dan Margolis, chair of the New York State Communist Party USA and 2004 coordinator for the Democratic Party, recently wrote about the Communist Party’s influence in democratic politics.
KeyWiki Blog reported:

When there were setbacks in the fight for health care, there was demoralization and frustration. Our Bronx club, which was instrumental in building an Organizing for America-based local organization, helped fight this feeling and, in the process, gained a good deal of experience. It can be said that, without the Communist Party, and solid leadership from one comrade in particular, the OFA group could have easily disbanded itself. Also, the Party was able and is able to play a leadership role in the question of what we’re fighting for, and in what context: why not some kind of National Health Service, as in the U.K., right now, or for Medicare for All?