Sunday, May 16, 2010

Settled At Last

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Matt Yglesias does the inevitable and expected and blames the current oil spill on George Bush.  Here’s his reasoning:

By 2009, of course, Barack Obama was already in the White House. But it takes time to staff an administration and take charge of an agency. Current MMS director Liz Birnbaum didn’t take office until July 2009, months after the exclusion was granted. More to the point, the dysfunctional attitude of MMS managers reflected problems that were deeply ingrained under the previous administration.

So I guess one can infer, given the Yglesias logic,  that 9/11 was “Clinton’s disaster”.  After all, the necessary changes in the intelligence community made under the Bush administration were a result of its failure to prevent 9/11. They were found to  be “dysfunctional” in post 9/11 investigations.  And the fact that it “takes time to take charge of an agency”, we can conclude – based on the excuse making above – that 9/11 was all Clinton’s fault.


Glad we’ve finally settled that