Tuesday, June 08, 2010

An "R" Has Been Dropped

clipped from www.moonbattery.com

The Manchurian Moonbat is ideal: offspring of an African socialist and a left-wing hippie, raised amid Muslims, mentored by one America-hating communist after another. Even his name is perfect for the quintessential enemy of the country liberals love to hate; Hussein naturally calls to mind Saddam Hussein, just as even his supporters can't help but mix up Obama with Osama.

His first name is highly suitable too, even if an R has been dropped. The Wikipedia page on Barracks Communism explains:

Barracks communism (also referred to as Nechayevshchina) is the term coined by Karl Marx to refer to a 'crude', authoritarian forced collectivism and communism, where all aspects of life are bureaucratically regimented and communal. … Later, political theorists of the Soviet Union applied this term to the People's Republic of China under Mao Zedong (1950s-1970s).

No wonder the media love Chairman Zero so much. They must have invented him. He is too perfect a parody to be real.

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