Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A Reminder: Hitler's National Socialism

clipped from www.moonbattery.com

The left has pulled off one of the greatest propaganda coups in history by not only disowning Hitler, but even passing him off as a conservative. A conservative wants to conserve the foundations of society; it is progressives who want the foundations destroyed to make way for authoritarian utopias. Hitler's intense hostility toward Christianity was no more conservative than his far left economic views, both of which put him on the same page as our modern liberal rulers:


World At War the 1974 series narrated by Lawrence Olivier is showing again on the Military Channel. In one episode, a personal secretary to Hitler, Traudi Junge, recalls the last moments in the Furherbunker with Hitler before he shot himself.

Hitler called his staff to attention, going down the line with some comments to each. In her presence she reports one of the last things he uttered was a condemnation of the Jews and capitalism.

Hitler was a madman. He was also a Socialist to his very core.