Friday, June 11, 2010

Meanwhile, Over In Colorado's 3rd

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I am a man of faith, a Constitution carrying, conservative Republican. I am a retired Colonel, Airborne Ranger, finished my military career in the JAG Corps, and am a recovering lawyer. My decision to run for political office for the first time in my life was born in the anger I felt with the political deceit, rampant spending and corruption in Washington. I share your anger at what is happening to our country, and your determination to take our country back. I have been endorsed by Combat Veteran's For Congress as well as Sheriff Richard Mack. I am proud to have been endorsed by the Grand Junction Results, Bear's Ears Patriot and the Southern Colorado Tea Parties.

You go, Bob.

... while we have the lunatic liar Betsy Markey in the 4th. Unbelievable.