Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Now, this morning, with less than four months to go before his first midterm election, a growing number of voters appear to be preparing to take political revenge for such White House inattention.

The same poll shows approval of Obama's job on the economy has dropped 7 points in only one month, from 50% to 43%, his lowest level yet.

Meanwhile, 54% disapprove, a new high.

Despite the $787-billion stimulus bill and proclamations of a "recovery summer," unemployment stands at 9.5%, when the stimulus spending was supposed to hold it to 8%.

Democrats are most threatened by that revenge because over the last four years they had built commanding majorities in both houses of Congress. So they now have the most to lose. Which doesn't mean Republican incumbents are safe, either.

Despite the Obama administration's professions of economic improvement and frequent heaping of copious blame on eight years of failed you-know-what by you-know-who, only 27% of Americans see any improvement.