Monday, July 12, 2010

Transparent O(K)

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I thought we were supposed to take the European feelings seriously? Or was that before they became ummm...inconveniently inconvenient.

...And there is considerable disdain for the rhetoric of President Obama and his advisers regarding Germany's export-orientated economic progress. Particular derision is reserved for the rhetoric of Nobel prize-winner Paul Krugman, who with his recent diatribes against an allegedly inflationary bias in German policies is widely regarded in Berlin as somewhat imbalanced.

"Obama is becoming increasingly transparent1," says one satisfied German official. "With his arguments that we should become a bit less reliant on exports and allow the others to catch up, he's just trying to weaken us. Well, we're not going to take his advice." ...
1 "Transparent" == "buffoonish and clown like"