Sunday, July 11, 2010


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The certainty of that financial “hit” on household budgets can’t possibly have anything to do with why Missourians aren’t flocking to spend $250 on tickets to an Obama event.

No, nothing that Obama has done has the slightest explanatory power when it comes to why people in Missouri aren’t anxious to buy seats for his appearance at the Carnahan fund-raiser.  The sorry truth must be that the most influential president in history – indeed, the national leader of any kind with history’s most colossally enduring legacy – is still planting political IEDs everywhere Obama goes, with his failed policies and his really, really failed policies and his did-we-mention-the-failed-policies yet, because those were some failed honking policies.

And we all know that that president, that towering evil bestriding the narrow presidency of Barack Obama like a 20-story brass bull looming over a horrific scene of human sacrifice, is … George W. Bush.