Monday, July 12, 2010

Up Is Down

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  • Our Ministry of Sound Money had a goal of controlling prices. One dollar in 1950 is now worth 12 cents.  

  • Our Ministry of Sound Government had a goal to reward citizens for voting appropriately. For the past 15 years our politicians have used ultra-long-term debt to purchase votes in the next election.

  • Mathematically it has become impossible to pay back this liability with future income, so by definition it is a Ponzi scheme.

  • Our Ministry of Sound Accounting has created bookkeeping techniques to hide
    the Ministry of Sound Government's Ponzi scheme.

Presently our Ministry of Truth is saying we need to borrow large amounts of money from hostile foreign nations to increase our children's standard of living and keep them safe in the future.

Debt and consumption are good. Saving is very, very bad. Our government and our financial sector are good. The corporate sector is evil. Up is down. And left is right.