Saturday, October 31, 2009

hOpeless sh*t

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Exactly. And the reason things are so hopeless is that a 20% or more or of the electorate, maybe 60 million people, must of them putatively educated, are almost blindly convinced in this nonsense. And the only way they’re going to learn different is when they run their faces headlong into a granite wall.

I knew a guy once, and I think I told the story before, who told me about his cellmate in Marcos-era political prison. His cellmate started laughing manically one night in the small hours of the morning. When he settled down, he asked him what was so funny.

“Mao … Mao Tse Tung”

“What about him?”

“When we were taken on a tour of China (in 1969), they brought us to his boyhood home.”


“And I rushed straight for the pond where Mao had bathed as a boy and plunged my face into the scummy water, to the amazement of all our Chinese escorts because I said, hey, this is where He bathed. This is where He dipped His feet.”

“Why were you laughing?”

“How could I have believed that shit?”