Saturday, October 31, 2009

The lOner?

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Frustrated by Iran's continued defiance of demands to come clean on its nuclear program, the Obama administration is leaning toward imposing new sanctions, even if it must act alone.

Administration officials acknowledged growing concern that there may not be international consensus to expand the existing U.N. sanctions, despite Tehran's apparent rejection of a confidence-building measure proposed by the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog in hopes of making progress on the nuclear issue.

To that end, the administration is quietly supporting legislation in Congress that would give President Barack Obama a broad new array of authority to target Iran's energy sector by penalizing foreign firms that sell and ship refined petroleum products to Iran. The regime is heavily dependent on gasoline, kerosene and propane imports.

If he actually does this -- and in an effective manner rather than finding a way to blame Bush for any aspect he messes up -- then he'll get full credit from me and even a bump or two.

RTWT. There's even talk of trying to stop the Mullahs from acquiring spy technology they are using against the Green movement.

I think hell will freeze over before this happens but I'm trying to keep an open mind...