Friday, November 13, 2009

Don't Forget Turkey

The heroic Dan Riehl reads Andrew Sullivan's latest paean to Obama's dithering on Afghanistan and raises a scientific proposition:

Sullivan is so far down in the tank, there can't be any oxygen down there.

Could be!  But skipping over to Sully we find, in the midst of his praise of Obama's resolute irresolution, a bit of nostalgic Bush-bashing:

His insistence that the civilian branch truly control policy there and
that empire not be passively accepted as a fait accompli are real signs
of strength in the struggle to recalibrate American foreign policy. Can
you imagine Bush ever holding out like this on the military?

What can we imagine about Bush?  A toughie!  I can imagine his Secretary of Defense grinding down the initial military numbers for an invasion of Iraq until we arrive at "too few troops".  Bush sure ignored the hell out of the Pentagon then, and how did that work?