Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yes, Alan Dershowitz Is In Fact Insane

The defence may also move for a change of venue, insisting that no one accused of blowing up the World Trade Center can receive a fair trial in its shadow. I recall arguing a case in the federal courthouse shortly after the terrible events of 9/11 and still being able to smell the smouldering remnants of that catastrophic event that no New Yorker will ever forget. If a change of venue is not granted, it will be very difficult to find enough jurors with open minds to assure that what Barack Obama promised – “the most exacting demands of justice” – can actually be delivered.

In the end, I believe the Obama administration has done the right thing by placing our trust in the American criminal justice system – only civilian courts can assure “the most exacting demands of justice.”

In this case, the United States will be on trial as surely as Mr. Mohammed. Much is at stake, but the Obama administration's decision to trust civilian courts is a good first step.

Much as I've loved the large portion of "The Case For Israel" that I've read so far. He's one of the few who don't shy away from Haj Mohammed Amin Al Husseni.