Friday, November 13, 2009

The Sack Of Iran

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On the night of November 10-11 there was a very bloody gun fight in the area of Karaj, in which several senior Revolutionary Guards officers were killed or wounded.

There were equally disruptive political events in the Basij (Parliament).  In a closed-door, unreported session of the Budget Committee, Ahmadinejad became so angry that he ripped up his notes and stormed out of the room in the early hours of the morning of the 11th.  He was upset about three things:

–Resistance to the oil/natural gas deal with Turkey;
–The fact that some members of the Basij had found out about the details of the deal;
–A report on the parlous state of the national economy, and the true extent of the IRGC’s role in it.

The report contained the predictable details of the ruin of the economy, but it also described the amazing economic power of the Revolutionary Guards.

One participant reported Larijani (the “speaker” of the Majlis) saying “if this gets out, it’s the end of the system.”