Saturday, November 14, 2009


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Remember the massive tantrums thrown by the left when the Bush Administration fired a handful of U.S. Attorneys? Do you remember that? How the left howled endlessly about how terrible it was to fire these attorneys for "political" reasons? Remember how the Obamacrat Congress agreed this was a terrible, terrible misuse of power and demanded full investigations?

Amazing how on 01.20.2009, all the rules changed.

Under new (Obama Administration) rules, made retroactive for five years, the Office of Personnel Management will examine civil service employees who got their start as political appointees in the Bush administration and terminate those employees. The order is retroactive to 2004, that moment when a number of Republican congressional staffers and others sought to embed into the second Bush administration right after the election.

Hope, Change, and Purging of All Who Might Be Disloyal to Dear Leader. It's how they do it in Chicago.