Thursday, November 12, 2009

Scary Silence

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Christina Romer, chair of the president's Council of Economic Advisers, clearly understands how harmful it is to even think about tax hikes on businesses and individuals when over 15 million people are out of work and many more are underemployed.

Silence from her.

The economic advisers all serve at the pleasure of the president, but pushing the exact opposite policies for an economy with high unemployment is quite a feat to stomach.

In particular for Summers as he seems to have a habit of saying what he thinks.

It could be that Dr. Summers decided to stick it out for the good of the economy knowing that if he leaves President Obama will find someone who encourages more federal spending and higher taxes.

Now that's a scary thought — Summers actually acting as a constraint on President Obama to rein in Obama's propensity to redistribute wealth, increase taxes and increase the market share of federal government outlays.