Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Well of course Republicans are playing politics--which is deplorable, and something that Democrats would never
do. But in my circle--I mix with all kinds--it isn't just Republicans
who were incredulous at the still-growing catalogue of errors, and
awe-struck by Janet Napolitano's initial view that the system had

The first Napolitano statement is surely the main reason
why everybody is piling on more this time. (Her subsequent
clarification didn't help much either: no point in saying you were
quoted out of context when you obviously weren't.) Another difference
is that we found out much faster than in the Richard Reid case just how
many mistakes were made. And a third thing is the elapsed time: after
eight years of enduring the misery of supposedly improved airport
security, we read that (a) a man like Abdulmutallab can still walk on
to a plane, and (b) that the response will be to take away all blankets
and reading material for the last hour of future flights.