Wednesday, December 30, 2009

COTD: Psychopaths

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On the other hand, other than pure psychopaths, who have no emotional or psychological problems with lying (because the only truth is what they say is the truth) the average person becomes (sometimes extremely) uncomfortable when speaking untruths or maintaining the myth. This is the principal idea behind lie detectors.

To take this one step further, people who are firmly anchored in truth instantly recognize truth when it's spoken and are very comfortable around it. Its only when they are hearing lies that they become distressed. But those who are in denial become quite distressed when the truth is spoken, as if it's a personal affront to them.

It's a public myth that all psychopaths have blood on their hands and a wild look in their eyes.

The problems begin within us folks. Our leaders are simply giving us what we ask for. No aliens are buzzing DC, dropping politicians into Congressional office on the sly. They come from within the herd and are supported by the herd.