Tuesday, December 29, 2009


clipped from pajamasmedia.com

Wretchard, there are at least FOUR SIDES to the conflict.

The Jihadis, are one side. The general Muslim people, sympathetic and hopeful the jihadis can kill their way to conquering the West, are another. The general Western public, the targets of both Muslim people (passively) and the jihadis (actively) still another, and the PC, politicized feminized, PC-Multiculturalist elite still another.

There is NO WAY that the PC-Multiculturalists will allow data mining and profiling. It will NEVER HAPPEN. Because it would concede a real enemy, and define them by religion (Muslim) and ethnicity (non-White). It will, no matter what, give power to people who threaten the tragically hip PC Multiculturalists, among them nationalists.

So, duh, the Airline industry is DEAD DEAD DEAD. It just does not know it yet. We cannot call the bullet of PC-Multiculturalism back.

And this is exactly what we were going to get under Obama. Flying only for Government honchos and really rich people in chartered planes.