Sunday, December 27, 2009

Golf For Me, But Not For Thee

FROM George Washington, who wore dentures made from hippopotamus teeth, to John F Kennedy, who had dilute cocaine injected into his back five times a day during the Bay of Pigs debacle, many presidents of the United States have had embarrassing secrets.

In the case of Barack Obama it turns out that he has a clandestine golf habit.

Since taking office at the start of the year he has sneaked out of the White House at least once a fortnight for a round of golf with junior aides and long-time friends, with no press allowed. Secret agents check the balls for explosives and aides play ahead to clear the fairway so no one impedes a presidential swing.

In his 11 months as president, Obama has played only seven known games of basketball. By contrast he has played 25 rounds of golf — more than George W Bush played in his entire two terms, according to Mark Knoller, White House correspondent for CBS.

While the Iranians are dying in the streets.