Sunday, December 27, 2009


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I feel better now for finally getting that out there.  The 22% of us Eeeeevil civilian Jooooooooooos were instructed by Teh Eeeeevilest of big-player Jooooooooooos around to not say anything before the conference started or preferrably, long after the fairly well-hidden press release went out - the press release Ms. Feldman over at American Thinker ran up her post regarding and that she should have NEVER mentioned.  Tthat’s what Scope found…….. A bunch of us told the folks in Tel Aviv to NOT put out the press release until today.  We got lucky that nobody has said a word anywhere else until right now.  Sometimes it’s nice to be the invisible nation.

Just so you understand what’s going on, this ‘bring-’em-all-in’ conference wasn’t planned to take place until Iran got a bit further on with the big toys that go bang program.  But since their own people are starting their uprising with the Ashura holiday, why not get going now, eh ?